A New Way to Manage Operational Information Flow


  • Increasing Rate of Change
  • Increasing Complexity
  • Complex Information Flow 

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The Public Safety Coordinated Operations Management Platform

Public safety agencies worldwide have a problem – operational information flow. Read almost any after action report and you will find a pattern:

  1. Achieving and sharing situational awareness was difficult.
  2. Communication with all relevant stakeholders was problematic.
  3. Coordinated information flow was inadequate. 

The root cause of these problems is the lack of operational information flow.

A Public Safety Coordinated Operations Management Platform (PS-COMP) is an integrated tool-set, a group of off-the-shelf software applications, carefully selected to meet the information flow gaps between public safety agencies and all stakeholders.

A PS-COMP is designed to be a regional resource, used by any and all agencies and stakeholders who need information for day-to-day or emergency operations. It provides an architecture of participation and through its use, a community of action.



Constant Change

Public safety agencies and all relevant stakeholders must have the ability to act and interact flexibly and adaptively as changing circumstances dictate.

Increasing Complexity

Events and incidents continue to get more complicated and involve more stakeholders than you ever thought possible.  

Multidimensional Information Flow

To be effective today, agencies must achieve coordinated multi-dimensional information flow. The military and the private sector have realized this for many years and have implemented operations management systems. Public safety agencies need this as well.



Improve operational performance by managing information better.

It is becoming more and more difficult to address today’s challenges because the world is experiencing an exponential increase in the rate of change, complexity, and the corresponding information flow. The world is changing ever faster and becoming more complex every day. How can you keep up? How can you ever hope to achieve the highest level of operational excellence, to save lives and property, to provide for the safety and security of the public, in the midst of all this chaos and confusion?

The new way to achieve higher levels of operational excellence is with multi-dimensional information flow through a Public Safety Coordinated Operations Management Platform (PS-COMP).

Data and information drive emergency response. That’s a fact. Without data and information, you can’t know what has happened – what is happening – what is likely to happen – or have any idea what to do about it. Timely, quality information drives good decisions. In today’s unpredictable, constantly changing, and ever more complex world, you need to manage information better than ever before.

If you manage information better, you can manage events and incidents better. We can help you do that.

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Software facilitates the management of data and information to increase efficiency and effectiveness. If you are not using the latest software to help manage events and incidents, to achieve situational awareness (for day-to-day and emergency events), to create a user-centric operational picture, to manage resources and tasks, and to communicate and collaborate with any and every stakeholder, then you are at risk of not being able to provide an adequate response. We can help you find the right software that leverages what you already have and gets you to a higher level of operational effectiveness.