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What is a PS-COMP?

A Public Safety Coordinated Operations Management Platform is a carefully selected group of software applications that fills the gaps between existing applications and the ability to achieve multi-dimensional information flow to any and all stakeholders for any type or size of event or incident. 

With a PS-COMP in place, you will have a regional system available to:

  1. Manage data and information better.
  2. Make better decisions.
  3. Achieve greater situational awareness and share a User Centric Operating Picture.
  4. Easily share critical information among public safety agencies and any other stakeholders.
  5. Collaboratively share status, deployment strategies, resource status, and response progression.
  6. Gather information and intelligence from numerous stakeholder organizations.
  7. Communicate effectively between all stakeholders.
  8. Improve coordination and cooperation between agencies and stakeholders.

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Find The On Target Solution

Here’s Some Background Information: 


Information Sharing in
Complex Systems.

Sharing in Complex Systems: A Case Study on Public Safety Management. Explore information sharing in complex public safety systems.

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The Crisis Decision Making Process

Crisis Decision Making: Understanding the decision making process during emergencies. Explore a Systems Thinking, Complexity, and Structural Decision-Making model.

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Regional Solutions to Homeland Security

Explore how regional approaches to public safety can help you share responsibilities and resources, improve operations, and meet future demands. 

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